Mayberry's Maids

Maid Services

35 Years in Las Vegas and Henderson paying attention to detail


Having the most up to date cleaning Chemicals and tools is our mission. Mayberry’s Maids has been on the front lines before. Our training in combating Viruses goes way back before COVID-19 reared it ugly head. Mayberrys was a leader in combating HIV in the 1980’s, SARS-Cov-2 and H1N1 Swine Flue in 2009. 


Each day out company Vehicles and Tools are treated with a cold fog disinfecting System to insure our customer safety. Each team member is wearing PPE including but not limited to Face mask’s Gloves, Shoe coverings and more to protect you and your home.

Teams of Two uniformed Ladies
They Bring All of the tools and Chemicals necessary to Clean
Mayberry's Maids has a Two Hour Minimum for only $220.00

We require 24 hour notice of cancellation. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Mayberry’s Maids to reschedule or cancel any visit 24 hours prior to the visit window or there will be a charge to your credit card in the amount of $110.00

Mayberrys Maids bank charges 3.5% if you choose to use a credit card. Mayberry’s Maids charges $110.00 per hour for a crew of two or $55.00 per hour per person. Our charge starts at time of arrival until the time we depart; breaks or walk throughs are no exception. Mayberry’s Maids has a 2 Hour/$220.00 minimum.

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